6-trait Writing Rubric
(points may be assigned in decimal form)
|||||||||| ||

Extraordinary (4)
Accomplished (3)
Competent (2)
Unsatisfactory (1)
Ideas and Content
Interesting; clear; thought-provoking; reasoned; sophisticated; insightful
Thoughtful; mature; reasoned; interesting; understandable
Sound; limited in depth; appropriate but inadequately developed
Obvious; shallow; unsound; inaccurate; cliched

Accurate; forceful; rich in detail; extensive; convincing; specific
Thorough; persuasive; specific; clear; complete
Appropriate; sufficient; relevant; clear; mostly general
Inappropriate; vague; incomplete; general
Stylish transitions; unity; coherence of sentences and paragraphs; clear focus; careful and subtle organization subordinate to meaning and ideas
Effective transitions; coherent paragraphs; unmistakable focus; careful organization subordinate to meaning and ideas
Clear transitions; mostly coherent paragraphs; reasonable focus; ideas subordinate to organizational devices
Vague or unclear focus; random, loose, choppy structure; limited attempt to organize
Sentence Fluency
Varied sentence beginnings and lengths; command of stylistic techniques; interesting, original delivery; no wasted words
Sentence variety; some attempts at style; clear, noteworthy delivery; few wasted words
Effective sentence structure; some variety; some lapses in syntax; wordy
Simplistic dull, ordinary syntax and expression; repetitious; fragments and run-ons; wordy
Word Choice
Rich, precise and effective vocabulary; fresh and intense language and imagery; use of strong action verbs; confident active voice
Effective vocabulary; accurate word use; use of action verbs and active voice
Adequate vocabulary; reliance on verbs of being and passive voice; thesaurusitis; some problems with usage
Inappropriate or immature vocabulary; incorrect word choice; word omissions; errors in agreement; inconsistent tenses
Command of voice appropriate to audience and topic; strong; authoritative; authentic; distinctive
Clear; authentic; appropriate to audience and topic; confident; consistent
Consistent but somewhat mechanical; uninteresting; basic and typical
Inconsistent; indefinite; unauthentic; inappropriate to audience and/or task
Error free
Mostly error free
Some bothersome errors in spelling and punctuation
Mechanical errors which interfere with communication and/or meaning