Mummification Recipes

Mummy Chicken mummy_chicken.jpg This takes 4 - 6 weeks, but it's a wonderful lesson. The students get to mummify a chicken and also do a Percent Decrease calculation worksheet. The first chicken that we mummified stayed in my garage (in a plastic bag) for three years before it finally developed moldy spots, so it was definitely a successful mummification process!

Apple Mummy This is a quicker lesson - only one week - and it involves apples instead of chickens. So, it's cheaper and quicker, plus you can also do the Percent Decrease worksheet with this activity.

Mummification Project This link is to my wiki page that describes a project that some students are working on. The students use it as a bulletin board page to keep other students informed about their work. I use it as a timeline to help keep them moving forward.