Other goals
ACT/SAT preparation
  • Baseline - On the PSAT, (the student’s) answers predicted a score of 27 - 31 on the ACT. Her composite score was 26, with her subscores being English 24, Math 23, Reading 29, and Science 28. (The student) desires higher scores in English and Math and would like to receive test preparation materials in those areas.
  • Goal - In 36 instructional weeks, when given an ACT practice test, (the student) will attain scores of 27 or better in English and Math.

Career Exploration (specific career)
  • Baselline - (The student’s) favorite classes are art, band, science, and FACS. He has very good computer skills and he would like to be an artist, but he doesn’t know what careers are available that would utilize either or both of these talents (rating of 1 on a scale of 1 to 10).
  • Goal - In 36 instructional weeks, (the student) will have explored at least five career options available for people who have talents in computers and/or art and will report his findings, increasing his art/computer career knowlege to a self rating of at least 6 (scale of 1 to 10).

  • Baseline - When given 50 random words (Cartoon Vocabulary) that could be expected to be on an ACT test, (the student) correctly defined 10 of the words (20%)
  • Goal - In 36 instructional weeks, (the student) will define 200 words expected to be on an ACT test (50 per quarter) with an accuracy of 80%.

  • Baseline - From a list of 50 words (SAT Vocabulary at http://majortests.com/ ) expected to be on the SAT, (the student) correctly defined 24 of them for 48% correct.
  • Goal - In 36 instructional weeks, (the student) will demonstrate an understanding of the usage and definitions of 80% of 1000 words similar to those on the SAT.