• Baseline: (The student) likes to research and has varied interests, from space to the sea to countries to the 1800’s. When given a choice of research topic, (the student) chose China, and earned 83% of the points on the scoring rubric

Media Products Standard 5 (intermediate level): The student will effectively use and create media products for a variety of audiences, purposes, occasions, and contexts.
Technology Standard 12: The student uses technology productivity tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity.

Goal: In 36 instructional weeks (the student) will complete a minimum of four projects (or the equivalent) on topics of her choice which meet state standards at or above grade level and an assessment of at least 90% of the points on the attached rubric.

  • Baseline: (The student) has no entries in the (name of high school) Record of Involvement and Leadership.
Goal:During the next 35 instructional weeks, (the student) will add at least two entries (one per semester) on this MHS Record of Involvement and Leadership. Record is attached to IEP.